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Jul 31 2011

Finally have a job!

After a whirlwind week, I found out on Wednesday that I’ll be teaching 7th grade math. I got a call on Monday night from a high school to see if I wanted to interview there. I arranged to interview at 9:30 the next morning. When I woke up I had an email from another school asking to schedule an interview. I scheduled that one and headed out to the first. The school was looking for a high school math teacher but was not very familiar with TFA. They didn’t quite understand how I was qualified to teach math (passed the math content praxis). The next interview was at a K-8 school that doesn’t typically get corps members because they don’t meet the poverty threshold. I loved that school and really wanted the job. In between those two interviews I got another call from a high school so I scheduled an interview for the next morning. I also got a call later from yet another school and scheduled an interview for the afternoon. That night I had a voice-mail from ¬†another principal. I didn’t call her back until I was headed for my second interview on Wednesday. As soon as she picked up she started interviewing me while I was driving to another interview. I pulled into the parking lot and she offered me the job, which I accepted. I then had to call the principal whose parking lot I was in and cancel the interview 10 minutes before it was due to begin. I got back on the highway and headed to my school to sign the recommendation papers.

So, in short, I had 3 in-person interviews, 1 phone interview which resulted in an offer, and 2 more interviews scheduled that I had to cancel. This all happened in less 48 hours. I spent Thursday and Friday at my school (which meant I wasn’t at TFA orientation). I thought the time at school was really productive but I am a little lost about where I am in TFA-land. I need to get to work on unit 0, my big goal and my vision, and my procedures, my investment, my management. Lots to do this week.

In non-TFA-world (well, aside from the fact that my weekend was spent with TFA people), I had a lot of Memphis fun this weekend. We went to the South Main Trolley Tour on Friday and got lots of free beer. Then we went to someone’s apartment where we spent time on a rooftop deck. HLM and I decided to walk the 1.5 mile way home, which was pretty lovely and not as scary as you would expect at 12:30 am. On Saturday I went to the farmer’s market and got some delicious stuff. Saturday night some corps members had a house party which was a lot of fun. There was church this morning and then some work-time. Tomorrow I’m going back to my school for in-service.

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