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Apr 07 2011

So much to do…and think about

With graduation looming in the not-so-distant future and my arrival in Memphis scheduled for just one week after that, I have a lot on my mind. I haven’t started the pre-institute work yet and I’m diving into the busiest part of my semester right now. Whoops. Hopefully I can get started soon but I have two tests next week.

Then there’s logistics. How am I going to get to Memphis? How am I going to get to Atlanta? How is all my stuff going to get to Memphis? Now that HLM might be coming as well, that adds a whole host of other possibilities for transportation.

And then housing, the exciting part. I am so happy to be living in a city where I can actually afford to live well. The major take-away point from our housing conference call is that with an MCS salary and the low cost of living in Memphis, corps members don’t have to worry about money too much and they can even save quite a bit. I’ve been looking at neighborhoods and think I want to live on Mud Island. I can’t deny the appeal of living on the Mississippi. Being from New Jersey, I’m used to having the beach close by and I really feel a sense of peace near the water. That’s something I’m really looking forward to.

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  1. bwoods12

    I am a Memphis corps member too! Trust me, I’m thinking about the same things as you is this all going to work out?! I love love love the Mud Island area, from what the Internet shows! Can’t wait to get there and check it out!

  2. Ashlee

    I am not in TFA but a teaching fellows and will be moving to memphis too. I hope I get a chance to meet some of you because I will be new to the area too. Let me know if any of you memphis corps members are open to a non tfa new teacher friend. I can be reached at -Ashlee

    • bwoods12

      Yes! do you have facebook? Find me on there… Brittany Woods

  3. mrs. ohlams

    Mud Island is super nice! My college roommate lived there during graduate school and loved it.

  4. I’m an incoming GNO member, so we’ll be at the same institute! Good luck finalizing all of your school stuff – yes, it’s crazy busy but I’m sure you’ll find a way to get it all finished.

  5. Ashlee


    I tried looking you up on fb but there alot of you out there. Let’s switch it up and you try and friend me Ashlee Bowdry.

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