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Apr 05 2011

Sorry it took me so long

I’ve been wanting to start this blog but couldn’t come up with a title for it, so my account has been languishing for over two months. However, today I found out that I passed the math ck and middle school ck Praxis tests so I decided to start this.

I was accepted in January and was placed in Memphis to teach 6-12 Math. The 6-12 bit was a shock. I haven’t taken math since AP Calc AB in high school. I would have been prepared for middle school math, but high school is a whole different ball game. I suppose you could say Memphis was a shock as well. It was ranked last (of about 8 or so regions) in my highly preferred and friends who had been accepted on the previous deadline had gotten their higher choices. I picked Memphis primarily because of the low cost of living and relatively high salary; as my friends who are headed NYC- and DC-bound check out ridiculously priced apartments on craigslist, I am grateful for that.

Living in Memphis will certainly be different. I walk fast, type fast, read fast, and TALK FAST. Those habits are going to have to change when I get to the mid-south. I’m also worried about the heat and humidity. In fact, Memphis was the farthest south of any region I chose. I’ve been buying sun dresses to prepare.

One thing that is really exciting, though, is that my boyfriend found out yesterday that he was accepted to TFA and was placed in MEMPHIS! to teach 6-12 English. He had four cities in his highly preferred, and I knew if he was accepted it would either be Houston or Memphis. Lucky me, it was Memphis. He is still making his decision but the possibility that we could be together is awesome.

So he has about 10 days to make his decision, and I’ll be back soon with an update. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Porscha

    Good luck with all of it! I am a 2011 corps member in GNO and I’m excited about the next steps as well. Best wishes for you in this transition time!

  2. Welcome to Memphis! I teach high school math, and I’m sure it’s nothing you can’t handle! :-) Feel free to ask me any questions you/your boyfriend might have!

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